Váry "Starchild" Zoltán
I'm originally a drummer, not a guitarist. In 1980 when I was still learning to play one of my teachers invited me to the place where he played current hits with his band. One especially caught my ear - it was I Was Made For Loving You. I asked him what it was. He looked it up in his songbook and told me it was Kiss. After that I had a truck driver friend of mine bring me records from abroad. There were times he brought more than one and I couldn't decide which one to start listening to first … Paul Stanley was always my favorite, never mind that I was a drummer. I had his rose tattooed on my arm, and it was because of him that I started learning guitar, from Zoli, "Space Ace", as it turns out. I've been going to Kiss concerts since 1988, usually in the first row. I've collected an assortment of mementos from the shows: a piece of one of Stanley's broken guitars, a rose from Criss, and a half drunk bottle of cola from Simmons…"